Nebraska High School Rodeo - Junior High Division

Nebraska High School Rodeo 
- Junior High Division

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Membership Information

Welcome to the Nebraska Junior High Rodeo Association!  The Junior High Rodeo division is for fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students.  We want to continue promoting the sport of rodeo, with the highest type of conduct, sportsmanship and expose it’s positive image to the public.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call, shoot us a text, or send an email. Hope you enjoy the association!

Everyone is required to become a member or renew membership through the Online Member Portal.  Following is information about the process and steps to complete this.

National Membership Portal:

You will need to complete the membership process through this portal.

I recommend watching the videos for both new and renewing members.

Membership Requirements: 

1. 2022-2023 National Junior High Rodeo Association Membership Application (this is on the online portal)


2. NHSRA Minor’s Release. (Notarized) (this on the online portal)

3. Nebraska Membership Application.  Both parents or legal guardians and contestants must sign this form by each event the contestant is interested in competing in.

4. Current Grade Transcript.  It must have a school official’s signature and/or seal.  You will have to submit a grade transcript after each semester to ensure you are passing 4 classes each semester.  

6. Total Membership fee is $140.00.  You will pay $80 when you register/renew on the National Portal and mail the $60 with your Nebraska Application.

7. Mail your Nebraska Membership Application along with the membership fee 

Stephanie Miller

42741 Callaway Rd.

Callaway, NE 68825


Please double check that you have completed all forms required.  Make sure all signatures are correct, and notarized. Thank you very much!


*All membership information must be completed and received one week prior to the entries are due for the rodeos you are entering. *